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Central Florida Yamaha

Central Florida Yamaha
730 U.S. 27 N.
Lake Placid, FL 33852

Tel: (863) 465-6669
Fax: (863) 465-7233

Federal, State & Municipal Government
and United States Military Procurement

Central Florida Yamaha has been awarded a General Services Agreement (GSA) by the Federal Supply Service.

The details of this Agreement including the minimum and maximum order amounts, delivery schedule, and quantity discounts, may be viewed on the GSA Terms and Conditions page.

We can provide Yamaha and Honda outboard motors, marine parts and accessories to all federal, and most state and municipal agencies without the time consuming bid process.

You must be a representative of a Governmental agency either Federal, State, County or City (other than those in the State of Florida) to legally enter this site. No commercial entities or individuals are allowed. All information and pricing is copyrighted and is protected by federal law. Any unauthorized access or use of data herein will be pursued to the fullest extent provided by law.

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Contract Number: GS07F0072N --- WE ARE A HUBZONE COMPANY
DUNS Number: 152615712
Schedule Number: 539
Central Florida Yamaha
Tel: 863.465.6669
Fax: 863.465.7233

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